Your Heart's Desire

Are you ready to turn your heart's deepest desires into reality and live the life you REALLY want? Masterful spirited teacher, storyteller, energetic healer and six sensory Sonia Choquette will show you how-from creating a parking space to discovering your purpose in life. Sonia is a joyful, heart-based teacher, who uses her 32 years of practical experience and training to transform complex spiritual teachings into easy, self-actualizing steps that anyone can follow. In this exciting transformational workshop, based on her best selling book Your Heart’s Desire; Creating the Life You Really Want, Sonia introduces the nine step alchemical process of manifestation. Each step naturally moves you to the next, beginning with surfacing awareness to clarifying goals and dreams, from using intuitive guidance to staying true to your dream. In this highly experiential workshop you will learn effective tools to help yourself and your clients to:

Know exactly what you/they want out of life
Distinguish authentic desires from delusive goals
Quickly eliminate internal and external obstacles
Tap into your own intuitive genius and use it
Get out of your own way and allow the Universe to work for you
Discover your purpose and get on with living it fully
Stop struggling with your life and Begin LOVING your life!

Begin living the life you were destined to live today. Let Sonia's principles provide the changes to make an empowered life possible for you and for your clients.

Heart's Desire Workshop is coming to Calgary in May 2006Sonia Choquette, is the author of 7 best-selling books, including The Psychic Pathway, Your Heart’s Desire, The Diary of A Psychic and Trust Your Vibes. She makes spiritual living grounded and user-friendly. Sonia engages her own intuitive powers throughout the workshop. Humorous, inspiring and practical, she has shown thousands how to tap into their own intuition and creativity and life their fullest potential. Let her show you how to Love your life and live it fully! Joining her in this lively event is singer/songwriter Mark Stanton Welch.

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